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This Python script allows you to create a Maya node network by simply writing the math formula. Download it from GitHub and watch the tutorial videos on how to use it.

It might sound complicated, but if you ever have to create Maya node networks via scripting you probably know those endless createNode, setAttr, connectAttr commands? Yeah, that's what this is for.


Low poly rig

I made this rig to practice sculpting the anatomy of a posed character. It is a quick and easy way to create a base-mesh and focus on what you want: Sculpting muscles! ;)

Watch the 5min video to get the most out of the rig.

Thanks to Scott Eaton (he used a similar rig in his Digital Figure Sculpture Course) and Jan Jinda (suggesting the addition of a plain-mesh)! Happy sculpting!

If you are super happy with something on here and want to share the love; I guarantee major excitement if I get invited to a hot chocolate or a snack ;)

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